Tai Chi Shows Therapeutic Benefits for Parkinson’s Disease


Introduction: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art form that has shown promising results in alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. While there is no cure for Parkinson's, various therapies and interventions can help manage its symptoms and improve quality of life. [...]

Tai Chi Shows Therapeutic Benefits for Parkinson’s Disease2023-12-03T07:08:39-05:00

Kinesio Tape Helps Support Injured Areas


Kinesio tape is a great supportive aid when treating musculoskeletal injuries. Originally used as a way to enhance athletic performance, this flexible tape is meant to provide support to joints and muscles. Kinesio tape works by providing sensory input into an area, but still allowing for full range of motion. It stabilizes the injured area [...]

Kinesio Tape Helps Support Injured Areas2022-10-01T18:36:29-04:00

Trail Mix – Should You Pack Some For Your Next Hike?


Trail mix is a mixture of dried fruit and nuts eaten as a snack food, originally by hikers and campers. Therefore, it appears to be a great snack while hiking. Horace Kephart wrote about the beneficial weight-to-energy ratio of nuts, nut butters, and dried fruit in his 1906 book titled Camping and Woodcraft. Perhaps even [...]

Trail Mix – Should You Pack Some For Your Next Hike?2022-07-28T09:21:49-04:00

Shorter Telomeres Can Lead to More Inflammation


Shorter telomeres can lead to premature aging as noted in the last post about longevity and telomere length. Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Having shorter telomeres can also lead to an increase in inflammation. I have written at length about inflammation and the havoc it can have on your body and your health. Certain foods [...]

Shorter Telomeres Can Lead to More Inflammation2022-08-02T12:30:02-04:00

Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders


Rounded shoulders are typically a result of poor posture, especially while sitting. When upright, humans have a better gauge of posture keeping our chest high with shoulders back. Unfortunately, sitting for periods of time causes most people to slouch and have rounded shoulders. Since the advancement in technology and the increased use of cell phones, [...]

Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders2022-09-11T08:00:12-04:00
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