Endurance Helps Headaches


Well, I finally did it.  I decided to improve my cardiovascular endurance.  I have been weightlifting, crossfitting (can't crossfit be used as a verb?), playing sports, and lifting heavy for the past several years, but I have greatly neglected my cardio. So, I set out this weekend to go for a short run.  I am [...]

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I really enjoy working out and playing basketball.  I wish my basketball skills were as good as they used to be, but oh well, I still have fun playing.  I used to notice the day after playing basketball I would get really bad cramps in my legs and feet.  I thought I was drinking enough [...]


Reinventing Your Outlook on a Healthy Lifesyle-Choices


Life is full of choices, almost every choice we make in life leads us down one path or another. In terms of our health, the choices we make about  diet, exercise, handling stress, even how we chose to view our bodies, will all increase , decrease, or maintain our level of  well-being and vitality. If [...]

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