Chiropractic at the Indy 500

Chiropractic at the Indy 500

When you are watching the Indy 500 this weekend be sure to look for Brandon Wagner in the Chiro car.  Brandon is a 24 year old race car driver who will be pursuing a career in the greatest profession in the world – chiropractic care.

Brandon is looking to be the third generation chiropractor in his family.  He has ben treated as a chiropractic patient ever since he was born.  Although chiropractic care was never imposed on him as a career, Brandon contributes much of his success to chiropractic care.

He was recently quoted in The American Chiropractor as saying, “Maintaining chiropractic health keeps me conditioned for racing.  I feel better mentally and physically, and I’m more confident just knowing I’m prepared for the physical burden this sport demands”

Travelling at speeds in excess of 200 mph in a seated flexed posture is a recipe for disaster for most spines, but fortunately Brandon has taken the time to properly prepare his spine for this sport by choosing a lifetime of chiropractic care.


Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC