Radiating PainSciatica is defined as a low back condition characterized by pain radiating down the posterolateral leg, unilaterally or bilaterally along the distribution of the sciatic nerve. So the question remains, do you have sciatica?

If you are experiencing pain in the low back that travels down your leg, or legs, then we recommend you schedule an appointment to get evaluated by our chiropractors.  Sciatica can be treated through chiropractic care which much success.  However, our chiropractors will need to determine if the patient truly has sciatica or another low back condition.

Many other low back conditions mimic sciatica.  Our chiropractors perform a series of orthopedic tests in addition to palpating for the source of pain.  Sometimes a patient may have radiating pain that originates from the sacroiliac joint or the piriformis.  Both of these will feel like sciatica, but will be treated in a slightly different manner.

Let our chiropractors determine the root of the problem and the proper treatment plan to resolving the condition.

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