Planting Flowers Improves Your Health


Planting a garden full of flowers is a very healthy for you. Over the weekend, my wife spent almost an entire day digging and planting flowers in our front yard. Although we noticed some minor aches and pains as a result, the end result was amazing. Here's why you should consider planting some flowers in [...]

Planting Flowers Improves Your Health2023-01-08T07:44:54-05:00

Anxiety Ranks #1 Among Mental Health Disorders


Anxiety is the uncontrollable feeling of fear and worry. If left untreated, anxiety can become debilitating for an individual. Prescription medications have been used to help symptoms, but fortunately for you there are several non-pharmaceutical approaches that help. Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression Just recently, anxiety has overtaken depression as [...]

Anxiety Ranks #1 Among Mental Health Disorders2017-07-09T23:53:13-04:00
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