neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons that patients enter into our care.  More often than not, a new patient will enter into the exam room and tell the chiropractor, “I don’t know what happened.  I just woke up this morning and now I can’t move my...

Tobacco Increases Your Pain

We all know that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that it can also cause you to feel more pain? An article in January 2009 in the Clinical Journal of Pain set out to study the relationship between fibromyalgia symptoms and whether or not the patient used tobacco. ...

Tweeting Poor Posture

Two recent studies in the medical literature have concluded that there is an increasing trend in sagittal plane posture translations of the head, thorax, pelvis, and knees in children ages 4-12.  This means that our children are starting to look like our great grandparents, from...

Chiropractic Care Outperforms Painkillers

A new study published on January 3, 2012, in The Annals of Internal Medicine, proved that chiropractic adjustments outperformed pain killers in the treatment of neck pain. Three groups were established: a group that received chiropractic adjustments, a group that received...

Get Out of Pain Fast!

Have you ever been in serious pain? It is not fun at all. About four years ago I encountered the worst pain of my life. I don’t remember exactly how it all started, but my low back pain was so severe, I had trouble standing. Driving for long distances were nearly...