Shorter Telomeres Can Lead to More Inflammation


Shorter telomeres can lead to premature aging as noted in the last post about longevity and telomere length. Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Having shorter telomeres can also lead to an increase in inflammation. I have written at length about inflammation and the havoc it can have on your body and your health. Certain foods [...]

Shorter Telomeres Can Lead to More Inflammation2022-08-02T12:30:02-04:00

Simple Ways To Increase Your Curcumin Absorption


Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, has tremendous health benefits. Some of those benefits are the ability to decrease inflammation, prevent various forms of cancer, and aid in treating depression. Another study showed how curcumin protected against liver injury induced by heavy metals.  It potentially has the ability to reduce liver toxicity caused by arsenic, [...]

Simple Ways To Increase Your Curcumin Absorption2023-03-04T06:16:32-05:00

Fermented Vegetables Strengthen Your Immune System


Fermented vegetables are made through a process called lacto-fermentation. In this process, bacteria are introduced to the vegetables. When in contact, the bacteria kill off the pathogens (harmful bacteria) from within the vegetables and convert the sugar and starch into lactic acid. The fermenting process helps preserve the vegetables for longer periods of time. Not [...]

Fermented Vegetables Strengthen Your Immune System2017-04-10T21:12:40-04:00

Easter Candy Facts


Easter is right around the corner and many kids will be waking up to baskets full of Easter candy brought to them by the very special Easter Bunny.  Yes, the kids will be excited to see all of the sugar, and yes, they will be asking to eat some right away.  Trust me, I have [...]

Easter Candy Facts2016-03-21T15:00:28-04:00

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil


Last month I talked to you guys about tracking your calories.  I also mentioned that is was a good idea to eat more fat in your diet.  That is why I am writing a quick blog about coconut oil.  This may be the best "fat" that you could have.  I will highlight some of the [...]

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil2016-02-21T22:12:51-05:00
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