Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulders

Rounded shoulders are typically a result of poor posture, especially while sitting. When upright, humans have a better gauge of posture keeping our chest high with shoulders back. Unfortunately, sitting for periods of time causes most people to slouch and have rounded shoulders....

Posture Tips to Improve Your overall Health

Posture is defined as the position in which someone holds their body while sitting and standing. In this technological age, we are seated more than standing and seated posture has a huge impact on health. Fortunately, by adding these simple tricks into your day, you can improve...

Back pain is a cause of concern

Back pain is a cause of concern Generally speaking, people experience their first attack of back pain in their 30s. Several reasons for back pain include incorrect sitting posture, obesity, lifestyle choices, or other injuries related to accidents. This article gives you an...

Stand Up Tall and Sit Up Straight

Remember growing up and hearing your mother say, “Sit up straight” or “Stand up tall”?  Well guess what, she was right. Although poor posture is not technically a diagnosis, some physicians use a diagnosis code for abnormal posture.  In any rate, poor or...