Adding Oats to Your Days Adds Years to Your Life

Oats are a cost effective way to improve overall health and longevity. They are definitely an overlooked super food. Used as a topical remedy or eaten as a meal, oats are versatile in their ability to improve your health. Oats are a very good source of fiber and are high in...

Cookies – Here’s a Keto Friendly Recipe

It’s the holiday season and joy is in the air. It is a time to celebrate, rejoice, shop, and bake! This is the time of year where many of you will be having holiday cookie exchange parties. I love when my wife comes home from one of these parties with a tray full of...

Relieving Pain With This Anti-Inflammatory Drink

I was perusing the web this weekend, when I stumbled across a new drink recipe. No, not that kind of drink. This is a healthy drink recipe which supposedly decreases your inflammation. Any drink that boasts pain relieving properties is at least worth a try. Ingredients: 1 orange...

Meat Stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving!! I usually write posts about eating healthy, working out, or the latest health trends. Today I have decided to write a post about a favorite Thanksgiving dish of mine. It is called meat stuffing and it is absolutely delicious. Trust me, if you want a lot of...