How long will it takeI was at a health fair the other day, and I got asked this question a lot: How many visits will it take?  The answer I give usually goes as follows: “It depends on the condition and the individual, but I make it a priority to get you out of pain in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money.”

This usually takes some people off guard.  The reason it does, is because most chiropractors at health fairs try to get as many new patients as possible and set them up on ridiculous treatment plans.  Their treatment plans usually consist of several visits a week, for several months, and for a lot of money.

At Active Spine Chiropractic we focus completely on the patient.  Our goal is to get you feeling your best as soon as possible.  Our treatment plans are tailored to each individual.  Some patients may need 10 vists, some may need 5.  On average most patients are seen anywhere between 4-8 vists for an acute onset of pain.  For more severe injuries or more chronic injuries, the patient may need to be seen for slightly more visits.  Unfortunately, I cannot see into the future to determine how quickly your body will heal.  That is why we evaluate your condition each and every visit.  A lot of our recommendations will be based on how quickly you improve.

Once you are out of pain, you are not required to keep coming back for more visits.  Most of our patients choose to keep coming back because of the way they feel.  After you experience how to feel your best, you typically will want to come back for wellness based care, but you will never be required to do so.  Once we correct your initial condition, your health will be in your hands, and the decision to maintain your new health will be completely up to you.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor