Chiropractic Care and the Digital World


Chiropractic software systems Are experiencing soreness and pain in your neck and back? This is the time you should visit a chiropractor. A chiropractor is one who specializes in treatment of joints. Nerves, and muscles. There are a number of chiropractic therapies offered by chiropractors to help you on your path to recovery. Managing a [...]

Chiropractic Care and the Digital World2016-08-17T20:33:58-04:00

We Now Offer Digital X-rays!!


We now offer digital x-rays!!  Long gone are the days where we process your films to see the images.  With a push of a button we will be able to have your digital x-rays on a computer screen in seconds.  The image quality will far exceed the traditional method, allowing us to further explain conditions [...]

We Now Offer Digital X-rays!!2016-06-02T15:16:57-04:00

Working Long Hours Increases Stroke Risk


I was reading various articles on Yahoo today, and I noticed one that really stuck out to me.  It stated that working in excess of 55 hours per week increases your risk of stroke by up to 33%.  That is a pretty staggering statistic. There needs to be a balance in life.  You can't have [...]

Working Long Hours Increases Stroke Risk2015-08-22T11:07:22-04:00

Choose the Chiropractor Thats Right for You


Imagine you want to eat some fruit, but you have none in the house. For most of us, that means a trip to the super market. But that’s only the first in a chain of decisions that you need to make. Do you want fresh, frozen, or canned? If fresh, what kind of fruit? Oranges, [...]

Choose the Chiropractor Thats Right for You2015-04-09T21:33:23-04:00
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