Should You Exercise or Sleep When You are Tired


The alarm goes off, the snooze goes on. You are just not quite ready to get out of bed. Maybe you have not been sleeping well lately, or maybe you are just too tired. Either way, the exercise class you are scheduled to attend looks like it may have one less participant. When faced with [...]

Should You Exercise or Sleep When You are Tired2022-09-11T10:16:49-04:00

Cognitive Empathy and How to Improve Our World


Cognitive Empathy is the ability to understand someone else's situation and gaining a better understanding of their experience. In other words, it is being able to place yourself in someone else's shoes. I am all for sticking to your beliefs, but we also need to understand what someone else is thinking or going through. Cognitive [...]

Cognitive Empathy and How to Improve Our World2022-09-11T10:36:00-04:00

Burn More Calories While Working Out


Burn more calories while working out sounds like a great idea, but how is this possible? Researchers have discovered that trying these tips while working out will help you burn more calories. Exercise is essential for the health and well being all all humans. Lack of time and interest pose possible threats to deter us [...]

Burn More Calories While Working Out2022-10-16T17:10:28-04:00

The Benefits of Exercise


What are the positive benefits of exercise  Exercise plays a very important role in our lives. It helps us to stay fit, active and healthy and also helps to reduce obesity. It has physical as well as mental benefits and it helps you to gain energy and vigor. The following article will talk about the [...]

The Benefits of Exercise2016-06-23T19:48:44-04:00

Benefits of Whey Protein


The different Benefits of whey protein In today’s fast growing world, everyone has an eye towards keeping themselves fit, healthy and happy. Everyone loves to eat a healthy and a balanced diet and work out well so that they have a good physique and a healthy mind. Protein is the best source of energy for [...]

Benefits of Whey Protein2016-01-13T20:31:19-05:00
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