Chiropractic Care

Running On The Beach – Pleasure or Pain?

Running on the beach can be a lot of fun, at least for some. A couple of weeks ago I was in Florida on vacation with my family. My oldest daughter and I decided to go for a run on the beach. I typically run around the neighborhood in my Vibram FiveFinger shoes, so I figured a...

Anxiety Ranks #1 Among Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety is the uncontrollable feeling of fear and worry. If left untreated, anxiety can become debilitating for an individual. Prescription medications have been used to help symptoms, but fortunately for you there are several non-pharmaceutical approaches that help. Proverbs...

Running Injuries That Need To Be Treated Sooner Than Later

Running injuries can lead to pain, lack of motivation, and change in personality. If you are a runner, then you love to run. Running is more than just exercise, it becomes a release of stress. It allows you to get inside of your head for a time while working up a great sweat. If...

Can Chiropractic Care Cure Cancer?

Did you see the alliteration in that title? Cure is a very strong word implying a relief of symptoms from a disease. I would never suggest that a person get chiropractic care to cure themselves of cancer, but… I would recommend chiropractic care for anyone who is looking to...

Flexibility and Chiropractic Care

I was at my youngest daughter’s soccer game the other day and while waiting for the game to start, I decided to do some stretching on the sidelines. ¬†One of the other parents called out to me and said, “you’re really flexible, do you do yoga”? Although I...