Gut-Brain Connection is Vital for Cognitive Health


The Gut-Brain Connection The gut-brain connection consists of bidirectional communication between the central and the enteric nervous system. This links the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. In other words, our guts can have a big impact on our brain. Here are a few ways for you to enhance the [...]

Gut-Brain Connection is Vital for Cognitive Health2022-12-04T10:51:28-05:00

Why Some Kids Don’t Get Sick


Why Some Kids Don't Get Sick Haven't you noticed that there are always a few kids in your child's class that seem to never miss a  day of school.  When it comes time to hand out perfect attendance certificates, they are always on the list.  Well, researchers have discovered that there are certain [...]

Why Some Kids Don’t Get Sick2012-07-21T21:55:43-04:00

McDonald’s Gets A Makeover


  McDonald's Gets A Makeover McDonald's decided to give its look a makeover.  They ditched the old uniforms for new ones.  These new ones are supposed to take the "American" look out of them.  Here are my thoughts:  does it really matter what the employees are wearing, it is still McDonald's.  Most, if [...]

McDonald’s Gets A Makeover2012-07-13T13:55:17-04:00

What is the Best Supplement


I get asked all the time, "What is the Best Supplement?"  Even with everything out there, the answer remains the same - vegetables. I know what you are thinking, vegetables are not a supplement, but I disagree.  In my opinion supplements are anything that can be added to your current diet to make [...]

What is the Best Supplement2012-05-04T04:13:01-04:00
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