Jimmy Johnson – Thursday Training Schedule


Thursday Swim: 300 yard warm-up swim 200 yard warm-up drill 100 yard warm-up kick 4 x 50 yard warm-up swim 500 yard swim at Olympic distance race pace 100 yard easy kick 2 x 250 yard swim at sprint distance pace with 45 second recovery 100 yard easy buoy pull 5 x 100 yard swim [...]

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Jimmy Johnson – Wednesday Training Schedule


Wednesday Speed: 1.5 mile warm-up run 10 x 400 meter hill repeat with 400 meter easy recovery 1 mile cooldown Strength: 30 x 135 pound deep squat 25 x 155 pound deep squat 30 x 270 pound leg press 20 x 360 pound leg press 50 x 20 pound dumbbell walking lunge Core: 60 seconds [...]

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Jimmy Johnson – Tuesday Training Schedule


Tuesday Bike: 10 mile warm-up ride 3 x 5 mile ride with 1 mile easy recovery 5 mile cooldown ride Strength: Lat Pulldown Dip Seated Row Upright Row Shoulder Press Lateral Shoulder Raise Biceps Running Curl Triceps Extension Core: 90 second plank 60 seconds plank knee drivers 90 second plank 60 seconds back extensions   [...]

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Jimmy Johnson – Monday Training Schedule


Monday Run: 3 mile warm-up run 3.5 mile run with sporadic hills, steps, squats, lunges, and wall sits 2 mile cooldown Swim: 500 yard warm-up swim 200 yard warm-up kick 5 x 100 yard buoy pull with 20 second recovery 100 yard easy kick 4 x 75 yard buoy pull with 20 second recovery 100 [...]

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Jimmy Johnson Trains for Triathlons


I subscribe to Men's Health, and on the cover of the latest issue was one of NASCAR's most famous drivers - Jimmy Johnson.  Upon reading the article it talked about his training and dietary habits.  Most notable was the fact that as part of his training, Jimmy Johnson trains for triathlons. I have trained for [...]

Jimmy Johnson Trains for Triathlons2013-04-29T02:49:36-04:00
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